Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Too Close to Home Movie True Story

Plot: A mother wants the best for her son, so much so that she has his wife killed.
True Story: The movie "Too Close to Home" is based on the real story of Elizabeth Duncan aka Ma Duncan. Elizabeth Duncan wanted to control her son's life so much that she hired some young thugs to murder her pretty daughter in law nurse Olga   Duncan. You can read through the articles below and see pics of court trial photos. The movie debuted in 1997. The names were changed to Diana Donahue and Nick Donahue. The race of the killer was also changed. The real killers were Hispanic.

Extra Tidbit
While we were speaking he laughed and jokingly said "My wife's going to kill me." But, I don't know if he was referring to the number of times that he had been married or the fact that he was speaking to me.

Olga Duncan is also known by the name Olga Kupczyk and Olga Kupzyk

Attorney Frank Duncan met Olga Kupezyk during his mother's hospital stay. Olga was her nurse.

On the night of her execution in the San Quentin gas chamber,  Frank Duncan was desperate to save his mother. After the last appeal was denied, he walked around hopelessly in a daze. He was so distracted and distraught about his mother's upcoming execution that he was failed to show up in court to defend a client in 1961.


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    2. I just watched this movie on TWC. It was free. Hopefully you have these stations on your cable company. Was quite a story!

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