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Too Close to Home Movie True Story

Plot: A mother wants the best for her son, so much so that she has his wife killed.
True Story: The movie "Too Close to Home" is based on the real story of Elizabeth Duncan aka Ma Duncan. Elizabeth Duncan wanted to control her son's life so much that she hired some young thugs to murder her pretty daughter in law nurse Olga   Duncan. You can read through the articles below and see pics of court trial photos. The movie debuted in 1997. The names were changed to Diana Donahue and Nick Donahue. The race of the killer was also changed. The real killers were Hispanic.

Extra Tidbit
While we were speaking he laughed and jokingly said "My wife's going to kill me." But, I don't know if he was referring to the number of times that he had been married or the fact that he was speaking to me.

Olga Duncan is also known by the name Olga Kupczyk and Olga Kupzyk

Attorney Frank Duncan met Olga Kupezyk during his mother's hospital stay. Olga was her nurse.

On the night of her execution in the San Quentin gas chamber,  Frank Duncan was desperate to save his mother. After the last appeal was denied, he walked around hopelessly in a daze. He was so distracted and distraught about his mother's upcoming execution that he was failed to show up in court to defend a client in 1961.

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Frank Duncan Now

I have just finished speaking with the son Frank Duncan.

Frank Duncan, a Los Angeles Attorney and Son of Elizabeth Duncan, is Still Alive
by Traciy Curry-Reyes

Interview took place in 2012
I picked up the phone thinking that I would get a very young receptionist telling me that this used to be Frank Duncan's firm, but that he is no longer with us. Instead a man, who had the voice of a thirty year old answered. I told him that I was doing research on the case of Elizabeth Duncan, and that I wanted to know whatever happened to Frank Duncan the son. I then asked if I had reached a family member, and he said "you have." I said I have reached a family member of Frank Duncan, and he then told me that he was Frank Duncan. I started asking him about the case. He told me that he never does interviews. He said "I never speak on it." But, he went on to say, "I have a very successful business worth," ( I was so excited and shocked to speak with him, that I didn't even get the amount correct. He said either 5 million or 500 million dollars. I know....big difference...sorry.) He then stated that he has tried hundreds of cases including criminal cases. He still has a very lucrative practice. I told him that I could not believe how youthful his voice sounded. He said "I walk well, I look well, I speak well. People are shocked that I'm still alive." He is 83 years old now. I asked him if he went on to marry and have children. He said "oh my yes, of course." Frank Duncan has been married three times. His last marriage has lasted 37 years. I asked him how he has been emotionally since the case happened, and he stated that he was fine. He was ok, and that all of that is "in the past." He said that he was very busy, and that he would have to go. I thanked him for speaking with me. The conversation lasted about five minutes. Wow. I was totally not expecting him to pick up the phone.  Oh, he also said that he has never watched the movie, nor does he intend to. He was a very nice man with a very pleasant sounding voice. It seems as though he keeps a very low profile. His practice does not have a company website or email address listed on the net.

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Other Cases of Mother in Laws who Have Murdered Their Daughter in Laws

 For some extra reading, here are a few more stories of mother in laws who have murdered or solicited the murder of their daughter in laws. These cases are not affiliated with the movie or the true story above that inspired the movie.

2009 Snellville, Georgia Mother in Law Killed Daughter in Law

In 2009 Heather Stube was in a bitter custody battle with her husband Stephen Strube. Mother in law Johanna Hayes took matters into her own hands when she  killed her daughter in law in a Target parking lot in Snellville, Georgia. The mother in law was wearing a wig and mustache when she shot her daughter in law in the head. She was picked out of a photo line up by a witness to the shooting. The witness said it was obvious the woman was wearing a disguise. She was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison in 2011. She was murdered because she did not want Heather Strube to gain custody of her grandchild. She cried and told the court that she would never hurt anyone much less her daughter in law. She was also ordered not to have any contact with her grandson. Her grandson, Carson, who was just 18 months old,  witnessed the attack. The child is now in the custody of her maternal grandparents.