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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Frank Duncan Now

I have just finished speaking with the son Frank Duncan.

Frank Duncan, a Los Angeles Attorney and Son of Elizabeth Duncan, is Still Alive
by Traciy Curry-Reyes

Interview took place in 2012
I picked up the phone thinking that I would get a very young receptionist telling me that this used to be Frank Duncan's firm, but that he is no longer with us. Instead a man, who had the voice of a thirty year old answered. I told him that I was doing research on the case of Elizabeth Duncan, and that I wanted to know whatever happened to Frank Duncan the son. I then asked if I had reached a family member, and he said "you have." I said I have reached a family member of Frank Duncan, and he then told me that he was Frank Duncan. I started asking him about the case. He told me that he never does interviews. He said "I never speak on it." But, he went on to say, "I have a very successful business worth," ( I was so excited and shocked to speak with him, that I didn't even get the amount correct. He said either 5 million or 500 million dollars. I know....big difference...sorry.) He then stated that he has tried hundreds of cases including criminal cases. He still has a very lucrative practice. I told him that I could not believe how youthful his voice sounded. He said "I walk well, I look well, I speak well. People are shocked that I'm still alive." He is 83 years old now. I asked him if he went on to marry and have children. He said "oh my yes, of course." Frank Duncan has been married three times. His last marriage has lasted 37 years. I asked him how he has been emotionally since the case happened, and he stated that he was fine. He was ok, and that all of that is "in the past." He said that he was very busy, and that he would have to go. I thanked him for speaking with me. The conversation lasted about five minutes. Wow. I was totally not expecting him to pick up the phone.  Oh, he also said that he has never watched the movie, nor does he intend to. He was a very nice man with a very pleasant sounding voice. It seems as though he keeps a very low profile. His practice does not have a company website or email address listed on the net.